Mobile Advertising Robot


OMNIBOT is a multifunctional robot equipped with a 360-degree full-color round screen that can be used to display commercial ads or promotional/alarming messages. It can be widely used for information distribution and security monitoring in crowded places such as shopping malls and airports.



Mobile Information Distribution and Advertising

Round 360° full-color realtime LED screen advertising

Security Patrolling

Auto-navigation, autonomous obstacle-avoidance, mobile video-recording for monitoring, face/body recognition, vehicle plate scanning, etc.

Intelligent Monitoring and Early-warning

Equipped with multiple sensors, capable of performing duties like fire prevention, environment monitoring and object detection and recognition

Remote Control

Supports controlling of the on-site situation via two-way audio talkback between the command centre and the robot

Inquiry Service and Guidance

Provides intelligent guidance via both screen display and voice broadcasting with the integration of local map


Capable of autonomously docking to the charging station when battery is low



Instant information (flight, weather, etc.) distribution
Security patrolling over the airport lobby
Guidance to the check-in counter and other facilities
24h environment monitoring and intelligence early-warning

Public Transport System (subways, high-speed rail stations, etc.)

Distribution of train-related information
Inquiry and guidance of passengers
Safety monitoring and patrolling of the platform
One-button alarming in case of emergency

Shopping Centers

Advertising and promoting
Greeting, reception and inquiry service (e.g. store guidance)
24h mobile monitoring and intelligent early-warning
Autonomous security patrolling over the shopping mall

Exhibition Centers

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