Host and Receptionist Robot


HRR is a commercial service robot that can be used in government affairs offices, business halls, corporate reception counters, shopping centers, exhibition halls for applications such as greeting, reception, guidance, presentation, marketing, promotion, and safeguarding.



Host and Reception

Dynamic expression, face recognition/following, acoustic source localization, two-way voice/video interaction

Guidance and Presentation

Autonomous navigation, intelligent obstacle-avoidance, multi-media presentation, voice introduction

Marketing and Promotion

Providing vivid introduction by multi-media through intelligently selecting related marketing materials


24h continuous video-recording, remote monitoring, intelligent recognition of environmental abnormalities and automatic early-warning


Corporate Reception Counters

Greeting and reception of visitors, product promotion and showroom presentation


Greeting and reception, flight information inquiry, guidance to the check-in counter

Shopping Malls/Shopping Centers

Greeting and reception, promotion release, guidance to amenity facilities

Office Buildings

24h security service, background monitoring, autonomous early-warning, environment surveillance

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