Walon II
Police EOD Robot


Walon II, a police EOD robot of the ANPIES series, featuring good traversability, rugged enclosure and high payload, can be equipped with a variety of police tools or weapons to perform such missions as reconnaissance of dangerous areas, detection of suspected packages, removal of hazardous objects, disposal of explosive ordnance and rescue in dangerous situations in outdoor environments.




Six-wheel and tracked platform, applicable to such complex outdoor terrains as sand, high grass and gravel

Standard interfaces for various modules (battery, arm, etc.) and accessories, for ease of maintenance and repair

Equipped with Picatinny rail for mounting of a variety of accessories

Arm lifting up to 20 kg, allowing mounting of heavy tools and weapons or towing of heavy objects

7-DOF robotic arm, enabling dexterous grasping of target objects

Four surveillance cameras for omnibearing monitoring in real time


Clamp-shaped Gripper

Finger-shaped Gripper

Disruptor Suite

Portable X-ray Suite


Window Breaker


Disposal of Explosive Ordnance

Detection of hazardous objects
Handling of explosives
Carrying and moving of suspected packages

Rescue in Dangerous Situations

Obstacle removal
Towing of heavy objects
Transfer of the injured
Monitoring of dangerous situations and surrounding environments

Reconnaissance of Dangerous Areas

Border patrolling and monitoring
On-the-spot reconnaissance of unknown environments
Minefields exploration

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