Out Door Patrolling Robot


Patroller I, the outdoor patrolling robot of the ANPIES series, can operate in outdoor environments both day and night to assist the police with such tasks as patrolling, monitoring, target recognition, and event handling. It can be deployed in crowded places and perform certain environment monitoring tasks.



Real-time Monitoring

Providing the background system with real-time videos all around the target area both day and night

Target Recognition

Identifying a suspect through face recognition and comparison, and automatically giving an alert

Alarming and Deterrence

Supporting audible and visual alarming and loud-volume warning

Environment Monitoring

Monitoring the temperature, humidity, smoke and gases in surrounding environments and sending the data back to the background

Remote Voice Communication

Supporting two-way voice communication between the operator in the background and people at the scene

Warning Broadcasting

Broadcasting voice warnings in loops


Long-distance HD Infrared Night Vision Camera

HD Infrared Thermal Imager

Security Radar

PM2.5 Detector

PM2.5 Detector

Temperature & Humidity Detector

Bird Control Device

Solar-cell Panel


Community Patrolling

All-weather autonomous patrolling.
Community secutiry surveillance and accident alerting. (in case of fire, smoke, etc.) Vehicle monitoring

Crowded Places Monitoring

Monitoring of such areas as the railway stations, airports and scenic spots round the clock
Broadcasting of safety information in public areas
Locking of suspects and alerting the background

Environment Moinitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring
Toxic and hazardous gas detection

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