Who we are

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1982 and comprehensively developed through both academic research and industrial product development, Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) demonstrates fresh and energetic development through advanced technologies. Over the years ESI has become a world renowned robotic developer, focused not only on global robotics, automation and mechatronics technology, but also on integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI, auto navigation and computer vision providing effective solutions for our clients across multiple platforms.

Our professionally-centered organization attracts top experts in technology, people who are eager to take projects from concept to market and see the most innovative and comprehensive solutions take flight. Our projects have the potential to address numerous challenges, from streamlining production processes while boosting the safety of workers to building AI interfaces that systematize tasks to raise employee productivity while acting as an intimately tuned business assistant. By working with ESI clients are expecting high-value results and big ideas be implemented by people who understand and care about our industry and their clients.

Allow the ESI community to show how our shared values can build a better technological ecosystem for you today.

– Passionate Team Members
– Absolute Integrity and Respect
– Consistent Innovation
– Collaboration and Support
– Infinite Possibilities