Dr. Andrew Goldenberg and Mrs. Aviva Goldenberg awarded joint Honorary Doctorate

On Monday June 11, 2018, at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology’s Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony, Dr. Andrew Goldenberg and Mrs. Aviva Goldenberg, both alumni of the Technion, have received a joint Honorary Doctorate.  They were honored for their significant contributions in electrical and computer engineering and in the field of architecture; in tribute to their application of robotics to solutions for real-world problems and for their efforts to promote women in science and technology; and in gratitude for their profound dedication to the Technion, academia and the State of Israel.

Additional Information:

Booklet from the Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony.

Biographical film clip of Dr. & Mrs. Goldenberg presented at the ceremony.

Technion Awards Honorary Doctorates

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